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Kubota L3408: Fuel Efficiency and 5-Year Warranty on This 34 HP Powerhouse Tractor: Features & Price in 2024

The Kubota L3408 is a strong contender in the Indian tractor market, combining fuel efficiency, robust performance, and durability.

Kubota L3408 Tractor
Kubota L3408 Tractor

A well-known name in agricultural machinery, the Kubota Tractors stands out as an example of efficiency and reliability. As one of the most sought-after models in the Kubota tractor lineup, the Kubota L3408 offers a powerful yet fuel-efficient solution for farmers across India. Designed with advanced features and a robust build, this tractor is helping farmers to maximize farm productivity.

Features of Kubota L3408 Tractor:

Integral Power Steering:

The Kubota L3408 comes equipped with integral power steering, ensuring nimble handling and reduced fatigue during long hours of operation. This feature enhances manoeuvrability, making it ideal for various farming tasks.

Bevel Gear 4-Wheel Drive:

The 4WD feature of the L3408 provides exceptional traction and manoeuvrability, especially in challenging terrains like rice-paddy fields. With full power transfer to the wheels at every steering angle, farmers can tackle tough tasks with ease.

Powerful Direct Injection Diesel Engine:

The Kubota genuine direct injection engine delivers a unique blend of robust power, durability, and fuel efficiency. With quicker job completion and reduced fuel consumption, users can optimize their productivity while minimizing operational costs.

Full Open Bonnet Hood and Slide-Out Grill:

Maintenance and repairs are made convenient with the newly designed, single-piece, full-open bonnet hood of the L3408. The front grill slides out effortlessly for easy cleaning, ensuring hassle-free upkeep of the tractor.

Shuttle Transmission for Quicker Operations:

The tractor features a mechanical shuttle transmission with 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds (8F/4R), allowing users to select the perfect speed for enhanced productivity. This feature ensures quick completion of tasks, even on large-scale projects.

Highly Durable Transmission:

Crafted from cast iron, the transmission of the L3408 is built to withstand the rigours of agricultural work. Its durability not only ensures longevity but also contributes to increased stability, keeping the tractor firmly grounded during operation.

Large Fuel Tank:

With a generous capacity of 34 litres, the fuel tank of the L3408 minimizes the need for frequent refuelling, allowing farmers to work uninterrupted for longer durations.


The ECO-PTO function optimizes fuel efficiency by maintaining the PTO revolution at 540 rpm while lowering the engine revolution. This feature is recommended for operations with small load fluctuations, further enhancing fuel savings and reducing environmental impact.

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Kubota L3408 Tractor Specifications


No. of Cylinder


HP Category

34 HP

Capacity CC

1647 CC

Engine Rated RPM

2700 RPM


Liquid Cooled

Air Filter

Dry Air Cleaning


30 HP




Constant Mesh


Dry Type Single Stage Clutch

Gear Box

8 Forward + 4 Reverse

Forward Speed

0.7 – 22.2 kmph




Wet Disc Type

Steering Type

Integral Power Steering




Multi Speed PTO


540 @ 2430




34 Litre


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Total Weight

1380 Kg


1610 MM

Overall Length

2925 MM

Overall Width


Ground Clearance

350 MM

Turning Radius with Brakes

2500 MM



Lifting Capacity

906 Kg

3 Point Linkage

Category I

Wheel Drive



8.00 x 16


12.4 x 24




5 Years


Price and Other Information:

The Kubota L3408 is priced competitively in India, ranging from Rs. 7.45 to 7.48 lakh, making it accessible to farmers across different budget ranges. Along with the tractor, accessories such as tools, top links, canopy, hooks, bumpers, and drawbars are offered to enhance functionality.

Notably, the L3408 comes with a warranty of 5000 hours or 5 years, underscoring Kubota's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This additional assurance further solidifies the L3408 as a preferred choice among Indian farmers seeking reliability and peace of mind. With its array of advanced features and customer-centric offerings, the L3408 is empowering farmers to achieve greater productivity and success in their agri tasks.

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