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Kubota SPV6MD Rice Transplanter: Powerful 19HP with Ultra Bright LED Lights & 1.4 Times Increased Torque, Know Features & Price in 2024

The Kubota SPV6MD Rice Transplanter, with its potent 19HP engine, redefines rice farming. Engineered for precision, and durability, it empowers farmers to enhance productivity and yield.

Kubota SPV6MD Rice Transplanter: Powerful 19HP with Ultra Bright LED Lights & 1.4 Times Increased Torque, Know Features & Price in 2024
Kubota SPV6MD Rice Transplanter: Powerful 19HP with Ultra Bright LED Lights & 1.4 Times Increased Torque, Know Features & Price in 2024

The Kubota SPV6MD Rice Transplanter is a cutting-edge, ride-on type implement designed to revolutionize rice farming. Its fuel-efficient diesel engine delivers professional-grade performance, boasting functions that enhance the speed and precision of transplanting. Kubota's innovative technology streamlines the transplanting process and ensures efficiency for farmers, making it perfectly suitable for those individuals and farmers seeking productivity with precision in rice cultivation.

Kubota SPV6MD Rice Transplanter

The Kubota SPV6MD, equipped with a 19HP engine, stands as a technological marvel in rice transplanting. With its 6 planting rows and a planting speed of 1.65m/s, this machine incorporates innovative features to save fuel through an E-stop function. It ensures unparalleled planting precision through level-controlled planting and facilitates efficient operation in low-light conditions with ultra-bright LED lights. This rice transplanter seamlessly combines power and precision to enhance the overall farming experience.


Powerful Kubota Diesel Engine:

The robust and fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engine powers the SPV-6, ensuring superior operational performance with clean emissions and minimal noise.

E-STOP Fuel Efficiency:

The E-STOP feature allows easy engine stop/start with a simple manipulation of the HST lever, reducing fuel costs by 5-10% during seedling mat supply or refueling.

Planting Arm Durability:

A newly designed oil-sealed planting arm ensures durability, preventing moisture ingress and extending service life with highly durable bushings.

Mud Cover Protection:

The newly introduced mud cover shields the transplanting unit, enhancing overall protection during operation.

Improved Frame and Gears:

Newly designed frames, axle shafts, and transmission gears ensure enhanced durability for prolonged and efficient use.

High Torque Shift Lever Efficiency:

The high torque shift lever increases torque by 1.4 times, enabling smoother operations in challenging conditions, such as mud or ridges.

High Ground Clearance and Wide Rear Wheels:

The SPV-6 excels in wet and muddy paddy fields with a high ground clearance of 500mm and large-diameter rear wheels (950mm).

Luminous Lights Visibility:

LED headlights and four work lights (2 front, 2 rear) provide excellent visibility, making nighttime or low-light operations efficient and safe.

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Technical Specifications of SPV6MD Rice Transplanter




Engine Type

Water-cooled, 4 cycle, 3 cylinder Diesel engine

Engine Displacement


Starting system

Starter motor



Seedling type

Seedling mat

Seedling height (em)

8 to 25

Number of leaves (leaves)

2.0 to 4.5



Planting system

Rotary, forced planting

No of planting rows


Distance between rows (cm)


Hill space (cm)


Planting depth (cm)

1-5.5 (7 positions)



Wheel Type & OD (Front)

No-puncture tire, 650 mm

Wheel Type & OD(Rear)

Rubber lug wheel, 950 mm

Shifting system

Hydrostatic Transmission

No. of shifting positions

HST: Main shift, Variable speeds for forward and reverse



Weight (Kg)


Overall length (mm)


Overall width (mm)


Overall height (mm)


Minimum ground clearance (mm)




Applicable Fuel


Tank Capacity (L)




Wheel Drive

4-Wheel Drive


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The Kubota SPV6MD Rice Transplanter, with its powerful 19HP engine and advanced features like E-STOP efficiency and ultra-bright LED lights, stands as a game-changer in rice farming, ensuring precision, fuel efficiency, and enhanced operational visibility.

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