Living Stone

Price- $5,000-10,000 South Africa

It has a unique appearance that resembles a pebble or stone.

Bunny Succulent

Madagascar Price- $8,000-10,000

It has small, fluffy leaves that resemble rabbit ears.

   Texas, Mexico Price- $5,000-7,000

 It is highly prized for its unique appearance, which resembles a rock or mineral formation. 

Star Cactus

Baseball Plant

South Africa Price- $4,000-6,000

 It has a unique spherical shape that resembles a baseball.

Desert Rose

 Africa, Arabia Price- $10,000-15,000

It has a unique appearance with a thick stem and striking blooms that resemble a rose.

Cobweb Houseleek

Price- $3,000-5,000

It has a unique appearance with white, cobweb-like hairs on its leaves.

Horse's  Teeth

South Africa Price- $5,000-10,000

It has a unique appearance, thick and translucent leaves that have a striking pattern of window-like cells.

Elephant's Foot

South Africa Price- $6,000- 8000

It has a unique appearance with a thick, bulbous stem that resembles an elephant's foot.

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