VST Power Tillers- Empowering Farmers 

By - Priya Raghuvanshi

VST 130 DI

13 HP water-cooled diesel engine 
4.2 kg-m torque
11L fuel tank 
6F+2R transmission 
405 Kg weight
Robust clutch & brake

VST Shakti 165 DI-S Power Plus

16 HP Radiator Thermosiphon Cooling System
14.3L Fuel Tank
6F+2R Transmission
Multiple Plate Dry Disc Type Clutch Plate 
Wet type air cleaner 

VST Josh FT 50 

Inclined, Single cylinder, 4 stroke, Spark ignition Engine 
5HP @ 3000RPM 
Air cooled cooling system 
2F + 1R Transmission 
83 kg weight 
J shaped 24 blades 

VST KisAN Power Tiller

Horizontal 4 stroke-single cylinder water cooled diesel engine
380 kgs weight
6F + 2R speed 
Hand operated internal expanding metalic shoe type brakes 

VST 135 DI Ultra Power Tiller

Horizontal 4 stroke single cylinder water cooled diesel engine
11l fuel capacity 
6F + 2R speed 
Multiple plate dry disc clutch 
Side drive rotary transmission

About VST Tillers Tractors

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd., founded in 1967 by VST Group, a century-old South Indian business house under Sri V.S. Thiruvengadaswamy Mudaliar's leadership.

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