7 Endangered Plants That Only Grow in The Himalayas

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By - Suneha Mishra

Himalayan Blue Poppy:

Renowned as the "Queen of Himalayan Flowers," this azure beauty faces endangerment due to over-collection for its medicinal properties.


These high-altitude wonders are prized for their anti-inflammatory effects but are threatened by over-exploitation for Tibetan traditional medicine.

Himalayan Yew: 

This towering tree holds the key to the anticancer drug paclitaxel but is endangered due to its leaves and bark being harvested.

Salam Panja: 

Known for its medicinal value, Salam Panja, a Himalayan orchid, requires conservation efforts to safeguard its unique properties.


Thriving at high altitudes, Kutki has a rich history in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and is in danger of extinction due to overharvesting.

Phen Kamal:

An ethereal perennial herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, Phen Kamal's unique woolly appearance aids in healing wounds and is a symbol of the Himalayan region's biodiversity.


This succulent herb is believed to have medicinal properties but awaits scientific validation of its diverse therapeutic uses.

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