Bird Facts

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#1 Macaws

Macaws are the largest type of parrot.

The collective term for these birds is “peafowl.”The males are “peacocks” and the females are “peahens.” The babies are called “peachicks.”

#2 Peacock

#3 Kakapo

Kakapo, also known as the night parrot, is a critically endangered, nocturnal parrot native to New Zealand.

It is endemic to the Philippines and is known for its striking appearance, with a distinctive crown of feathers and a strong, hooked beak.

#4 Philippine Eagle

Flamingos showcase a stunning courtship dance to attract mates, and once paired, they typically maintain a mostly monogamous bond.

#5 Flamingo

The Himalayan Quail was last officially reported in 1876. Despite occasional unconfirmed sightings, it remains one of the rarest and least known birds in the world.

#6 Himalayan Quail

This bird is known for its distinct bald head and long, curved beak. It was once widespread in the Middle East but is now critically endangered with only a few colonies remaining.

#7 northern bald ibis

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