Birds That Can't Fly

Creator: Nitiesh Kumar


Penguins are flightless but they excel in the water. Their wings act as flippers for swimming. Mainly inhabit the Southern Hemisphere due to their aquatic lifestyle.

Img Credit: Unsplash
Img Credit: Unsplash


Emus, from Australia, resemble ostriches but are smaller in size. They're notable for strong legs and can run at 30 mph.

Img Credit: CNN


Kakapo, New Zealand's endangered parrot, can't fly. Nocturnal, green, owl-like face. These distinctive traits set them apart.

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Cassowary originates in New Guinea's forests. They stand out due to the blue skin on their head and a prominent bony casque.


Rheas are flightless birds native to South America. They are notable for their large size and use their strong legs for running.

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Takahe is a large, flightless bird from New Zealand. It was once thought to be extinct but was rediscovered.

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