Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus +575 DI

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Creator: Nitiesh Kumar


Advanced tech, top PTO HP, best mileage, high torque, and parallel cooling for efficient and fast work.

Speed Option

Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus +575 DI, equipped with a 12F+3R gearbox, offers efficient and reliable performance for a variety of agricultural applications.


It is equipped with efficient oil-immersed brakes, ensuring enhanced braking performance and durability in diverse agricultural operations.

Lifting Capacity

It boasts a robust design and a commendable 1700 kg lifting capacity, making it a powerful and reliable choice for various agricultural tasks.

Price & Warranty

Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus +575 DI, priced between 7.60 to 7.75 lakh, offers robust performance and comes with the assurance of a 6-year warranty.

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