Top Electric Tractors In India 

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Creator: Nitiesh Kumar


The Cellestial 27 HP is India's first eco-friendly electric tractor, combining efficiency and sustainability in farming.

Img Credit: IndiaMART

Sonalika Tiger 

This is India's inaugural electric tractor suitable for fieldwork, boasting eco-friendliness, home charging, low maintenance, cost-efficiency, quiet operation, and speed.

Solis SV Series

The Solis SV tractor series features an enhanced 72V 326 AH LI-ION battery, known for its long-lasting performance.

Autonxt X45H2

The Autonxt X45H2 tractor excels in efficiency, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness, offering 8 hours of work after an 8-hour charge.

Img Credit: IndiaMART

HAV 45 S1

The HAV 45 S1 tractor, with its 44 HP engine, 4WD, and 1800 kg lifting capacity, is a powerful agricultural vehicle.

Img Credit: HAV Tractors

HAV 50 S1

The HAV 50 S1 excels as an eco-friendly, cost-efficient, low-maintenance farm machine with a spacious 60L fuel tank for extended use.

Img Credit: HAV Tractors

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