Farm Machines Available At Half Price

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On which machines will subsidy be given and where to apply?

A Happy Seeder is a tractor-towed, no-till planter that directly plants seeds in rows without the need for any pre-seedbed preparation.

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Happy Seeder

A super seeder is a tractor-towed, no-till planter that plants seeds directly without pre-seedbed preparation.

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Super Seeder

It is a farming implement that simultaneously plants seeds and applies fertilizer without prior tillage, promoting minimal soil disturbance.

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Zero Till Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

A rotary slasher is a tractor-mounted cutting device used for efficiently clearing or trimming vegetation with rotating blades.

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Rotary Slasher

A baling machine compresses and binds crops into compact bales for easy handling and storage.

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Baler Machine

A crop reaper is a machine used in agriculture to harvest crops efficiently by cutting and collecting the standing crops.

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Crop reaper

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