Top 8 Unique Strawberry Varieties in India

By:Priyanka Pramanik


Chandler is one of the most commonly grown strawberry varieties in India. It produces large, sweet, and juicy fruits.

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 It is known for its excellent flavor and large-sized fruits. Suitable for consumption and processing.

Image Credit: Strawberry Plants


They are known for their sweet and aromatic taste, produce fruits early in the growing season.

Image Credit: Windcrest Farm


They have good flavor and produce medium to large-sized fruits.

Image Credit: Castrawberryfestival


It is known for it's high yield and good disease resistance. They produce large and firm fruits with a sweet flavor.

Image Credit: Strawberry Plants


They are early-season variety that produces medium-sized, sweet fruits.

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 Known for their large-sized fruits and sweet flavor, suitable for both fresh consumption and processing.

Image Credit: Nature's Hills Strawberry


The strawberry is another popular variety in India, known for their sweet and aromatic taste.

Image Credit: Oregon Strawberries

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