5 Newly Launched Solis Tractor Series

Creator: Suneha Mishra

Solis is a brand of tractors produced by ITL. These tractors are designed for various agricultural applications and are recognized for their reliability, durability.

Solis offers a diverse range of tractors designed to meet the requirements of different farming operations. The brand provides tractors with varying horsepower.

ITL's Solis brand encompasses five diverse series of tractors, each tailored to meet specific agricultural requirements.

Equipped with a Stage V engine for exceptional durability and efficient performance. Ideal for a wide range of farming tasks, ensuring reliability and productivity.

C Series:

Offers a broad spectrum of power, ranging from 16HP to 125HP. Accommodates hobby farming as well as heavy-duty agricultural applications.

S Series:

Revolutionizes farming with a robust electric motor. Generates substantial torque and power while maintaining an eco-friendly profile with zero emissions.

SV Series:

Suited for orchards and vineyards. Designed to navigate and operate effectively in confined spaces and narrow rows, ranging from 60HP to 90HP.

N Series:

It has operational comfort & ease with hydrostatic automatic transmission. Adapts to the needs of both emission-compliant and non-compliant regions, & ranges from 20HP to 30HP.

H Series:

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