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Haryana Farmers to Receive 4000 Cash Incentive to Grow Paddy Using DSR Technique

Punjab and Haryana Govt. plan to provide 4000 cash incentives to farmers practicing DSR Technique. Officials told that DSR Technique is an excellent approach to gaining productivity providing various benefits and will offer a true solution for the ground-level water crisis.

Haryana Farmers to Receive 4000 Cash Incentive to Grow Paddy Using DSR Technique
Haryana Farmers to Receive 4000 Cash Incentive to Grow Paddy Using DSR Technique(Image Credit: Tribune India)

The traditional method of sowing rice is very time-consuming and requires an ample amount of water. Central and state governments are making constant efforts to make farmers adopt advanced and modified techniques to resolve the groundwater crisis. This will help them to use less amount of water and use their water resources efficiently. The constant depletion in the ground level is a rising concern among several farmers.

Therefore to solve these issues and to maintain ground levels, the Haryana government is pushing forward the Direct Seeded Rice and encouraging farmers to adopt this modified technique. The Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) technique is the direct sowing of seeds into the field without transplanting the seedlings. A tractor-powered machine is being used to drill the seeds into the soil. DSR Techniques don’t use nursery preparation.

DSR Technique reduces water usage by 30%. This is because, during the transplanting period, the land is irrigated daily maintaining a water depth of 4-5 cm. Also, it helps farmers by reducing costs by up to 6000 per acre.

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Punjab Government has declared a price value of Rs 1,500 per acre incentive to those farmers adopting this technique. In Haryana government has introduced a cash incentive with the value of Rs 4000 per acre to encourage farmers for adopting this practice. A target of 2.25 lac acres in 12 districts is set through DSR Technique.

This incentive-based scheme is initiated in 12 districts including Ambala, Karnal, Yamunanagar, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Jind, Panipat, Sonipat, Fatehabad, Rohtak, Sirsa, and Hisar.

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To participate in the program, an online application must be filed. The amount of the assistance will be credited to the farmers' bank accounts. To take advantage of this plan, farmers must register their harvests on the Meri Fasal Mera Byora website (

 An Aadhaar card, a land title, and a family identification card are required for registration. The farmer is required to state how many acres he has directly sown paddy on in this case. Farmers that register on the platform will receive the incentive money right away in their account after physical verification.

DSR is gaining popularity because of its less input requirement. They are easily providing cost-cutting benefits, time-saving benefits, providing early crop maturity benefits, and low production costs.

-Tribune India

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