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Government Initiates Program, Offers 50% Subsidy on Paddy Seed Distribution

Recently the agriculture department has distributed several varieties of Paddy seeds including Jaya and Jyoti. They have also distributed the Karjat variety at a 50% subsidy. This decision was taken to encourage farmers to enhance crop productivity.

Government Initiates Program, Offers 50% Subsidy on Paddy Seed Distribution
Government Initiates Program, Offers 50% Subsidy on Paddy Seed Distribution(Image Credit: The News Minute)

Recently the directorate of the agriculture department has distributed tonnes of Jaya and Jyoti seeds and the Karjat variant of paddy at a 50% subsidy to farmers. The decision was taken to help farmers to perform farming activities smoothly and to increase crop productivity.

Nevil Alphonso, agriculture director told that “proper arrangements have been planned and prepared to tackle monsoon problems. Special arrangements concerning paddy seeds in the Kharif season have been allocated to different farmer’s societies and in zonal agricultural offices."

Farmers have also been given seeds of several jackfruit kinds by the agricultural department to motivate them to increase crop productivity and profitability.

The agriculture director also said that " The varieties given to them will guarantee crop output, and the grafted varieties will start bearing fruit three years after being planted."

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He further added that " we always check and test the economic viability of the crop. The seeds are not recommended if they don't provide a good yield to farmers."

According to reports vegetables including cluster beans and lady's finger which can withstand the monsoons are available at a 50% subsidy in the agriculture department's outlet. In addition to this planting materials like coconut seedlings, mango grafts, lime saplings, and many others were sold through the agriculture department, farmers can also apply for the schemes related to the cultivation of mango and coconut.

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Additional facilities were included. Allocating farmers with tractors for land cultivation was being provided at subsidized rental rates of Rs 400 per hour. Additionally, 40 tractors from the agriculture department were leased out to farmers. The Department of Agriculture has also appointed other farmer's societies with tractors to carry out other farmers' labor for which the organizations or individual farmers would receive a 50% subsidy reimbursement.


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