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Tractor Trailers in India: Models & Prices.

What is a Trailer? 

The "Trailer" is one of the fundamental implementations that are highly helpful in Indian farming. At this time, there are more trailers built by various tractor and farm equipment firms that are for sale. Here, we talk about the top trailers available in India, along with their costs and other details.

1. Eicher Trailers 

The most innovative tractor company is Eicher, which sells a variety of tractors and farm equipment across the nation. For a variety of uses, the Eicher Company develops trailers with a substantial payload capacity. The following list of well-known Eicher tractor-trailers includes information on their characteristics, specifications, and costs:

  • Eicher Pro 6040 GCW

Strong trailers with excellent feature performance and convenient dealer availability are Eicher Tractor Trailers. The tractor-trailer Eicher Pro 6040 GCW is equipped with a powerful, well-proven VEDX5 engine that offers the best power and torque output in its market.

It has distinctive features including an engine with 240 HP, 900 NM of torque, and superb, well-proven powered engine technology that preserves every drop of the gasoline tank. Due to its strong and durable aggregates and outstanding service network technology, it can operate continuously.

This strong trailer is perfect for many uses, including carrying steel coil, automobile carriers, LPG bullets, etc. The operator-driven service is acceptable to Eicher Trailers.

Though costs for Pro 6040 GCW tractor-trailers vary from state to state, Eicher Pro 6040 GCW Tractor Trailers start at Rs 28.50 Lac.

The Eicher Pro 6055 tractor-trailer is yet another industry leader in performance, easy to operate for extended periods, and equipped with cutting-edge technologies. The Pro 6055 trailer is appropriate for a variety of uses, including those involving steel coil, cement, blue metal, market loads, cement, and coal.

  • Eicher Pro 6055

The Eicher Pro 6055 trailer has cutting-edge features including a worldwide cabin that guarantees the driver has the ideal operating system for simple and safe travel, strong torque for greater pickup, excellent grade-ability, simple and quick turnaround, and increased productivity.

The Eicher Pro 6055 offers comfort, dependability, simplicity of use, and extended working hours. The price for the Eicher Pro 6055 begins at Rs. 35.37 Lac. However, costs for Pro 6040 GCW tractor-trailers differ from state to state.

  • Eicher Pro 6046

Specific features of the Eicher Pro 6046 include higher driver productivity, better uptime, ease of maintenance, greatest productivity, and strong overall performance. It is a tractor-trailer with a powerful 260 HP engine.

It has 6 cylinders, 18 tires, a 350-liter fuel tank with exceptional capacity, 7700 cubic centimeters of displacement (CC), 3200 millimeters of wheelbase, and 2560 millimeters of overall width, etc.

The price for an Eicher Pro 6046 Trailer in India begins at Rs 32.26 Lac. Nevertheless, prices vary from one place to another.

2. Mahindra Trailer 

Numerous tractors and tools are produced by Mahindra Farm Equipment. One of the most crucial tractor farm implements for moving huge loads of stuff from one location to another is the trailer.

Following are some of the common tractor-trailer models and their characteristics and specifications:

  • Mahindra Blazo X55

The most well-known tractor-trailer is the Mahindra Blazo X 55, a large freight trailer tractor with exceptional performance and better mileage. Specific features of the Mahindra Blazo X 55 include high torque, a smart engine with multimode switches, and a driver information system.

The system is driven by the operators, and it has modern characteristics including a proper cabin and increased productivity.

The pricing of the customized tractor-trailer Mahindra Blazo X 55 starts at Rs. 37.35 lac. This trailer performs superbly and is more productive. This trailer's production features a precise turning radius and increased grade-ability.

It has 22 tires, an air brake system with parking brakes, a gasoline tank size of 415 gallons, and a manual transmission with a 9-speed gearbox system. Performance-wise, the Mahindra Blazo X 55 is superior.

  • Mahindra Blazo X 46

The Mahindra Blazo X 46 is a well-known and effective tractor-trailer that excels in a variety of operations and applications. The Mahindra Blazo X 46 has an AC cabin on the chassis.

It is excellent at conserving money and using less fuel. It performs well and effectively. The price for the Mahindra Blazo X 46 begins at Rs. 31.11 Lac.

3. Ashok Leyland 5525

The most well-liked modular Leyland trailer among consumers is the Ashok Leyland 5525. The fuel tank capacity of the Ashok Leyland 5525 trailer, which has outstanding mileage, is 375 liters. It operates continuously and is portable for use with programs like

A-series technology-based engine system, 10 tires, 3900 mm of wheelbase, and excellent seats for the driver’s comfort are only a few of its distinctive qualities. The price for the Ashok Leyland 5525 begins at Rs 39.14 Lac. The cost of the Ashok Leyland 5525 varies by location.

These were a few of the essential tractor-trailer implements that are used for various purposes. The aforementioned tractor-trailers are very well-liked and reasonably priced for the difficult task of loading various applications.

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