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TOP 8 Must-have Farming Applications for Farmers

As rural India moves more towards digitalization and technology, a plethora of services is launching apps that help with everything from calculating acreage in a specific area to forage identification and much more. Farmers can benefit from farming apps by providing guidelines for scientific farming, sowing, or harvesting of any crop or vegetables, as well as pest attacks. A farming app can be a farmer's best friend in farming, increasing productivity without any investment because most of these apps are free to download from the app store.

Here is a list of apps that every farmer should have:

1. Suvidha Kisan

PM Narendra Modi launched Kisan Suvidha in 2016 to empower farmers and villages. The app can be used in a variety of languages, making it more widely available.

  • The app has an easy-to-use interface that helps farmers.
  • Current weather conditions Market prices
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizers
  • Agricultural machinery and pesticides.

2. Crop Insurance 

  • Crop insurance allows farmers to calculate insurance premiums for notified crops and obtain cut-off date information.
  • It serves as a reminder and insurance calculator for farmers.

3. IFFCO Kisan Agriculture

An app governed by IFFCO Kisan, a subsidiary of Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Ltd.

  • Modules of information on agricultural advisory
  • Forecasting the weather Forecasting the price
  • Expert advice on crop protection from diseases and insects, as well as an agriculture library
  • Kisan call center services and helpline phone numbers
  • Customized information about their needs, enables farmers to make informed decisions.

4. Kheti-Badi

Kheti-mission Badi's is to promote and support 'Organic Farming.' Its goal is to persuade farmers to switch from chemical to organic farming.

5. Pusa Krishi

Pusa Krishi is a government app launched by the Union Agriculture Minister in 2016. The app provides information about

  • Agriculture technologies were developed by the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI).
  • New crop varieties were developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).
  • Practices in resource-saving agriculture and farm machinery.

6. Agri App 

The Agri App provides comprehensive information on

  • Production of Crops
  • Security and
  • "High value, low product" information
  • Interact with experts through a chat.
  • Online markets for fertilizers, insecticides, and other chemicals.

7. Agri-Market

The app was created to keep farmers up to date on crop prices and reduce the risk of going to distress sales.

8. RML Farmer- Krishi Mitr

The farming app keeps farmers informed of where they can find the most recent commodity and mandi prices.

  • Pesticides and fertilizers must be used precisely.
  • Weather forecast and warning.
  • Agriculture-related policies, schemes, and news from the government.

The app allows farmers to select from over 450 crop varieties, 1300 mandis, and 3500 weather locations spread across 50,000 villages and 17 Indian states.

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