World's Tallest Plants

By: Priyanka Pramanik

Grows to a diameter of approximately 3 ft 3 in and weighs up to 24 pounds.

Stinking Corpse 

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Hope’s Cycad

Tallest known cycad species, reaching more than 50 feet.

Image Credit:Twitter

Norfolk Tree Fern

 Reaches 66 feet in height, native to Norfolk Island.

Image Credit: Garden Supplies

Talipot Palm

Reaches heights of up to 82 feet, native to India and Sri Lanka.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Giant Highland Banana

Grows up to 98 feet, native to New Guinea.

Image Credit: Onszaden

Giant Bamboo

Reaches 138 feet in height, native to southeast Asia.

Image Credit:Unsplash

Mountain Ash

Tallest flowering plant, reaching 330 feet.

Image Credit: PBS

 Coast Redwood 

One of the largest trees in the world, reaching 379 feet, native to North America.

Image Credit: Housing

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