Types Of Money Plant

Creator: Nitiesh Kumar

Golden Money plant

Golden Money Plant goes by the name of Golden pothos. The bright leaves are beautiful and have yellow splashes. They grow well and stay green even in the absence of light.

 Split Leaf Money Plant

It is a large-leaf variety of money plants. It is a drought-tolerant, fast-growing houseplant that can survive even in low sunlight.

Marble Queen Money Plant

These money plants' leaves are creamy-white in colour. These plants are available in local nurseries. Marble Queens require direct sunlight to maintain their vibrant colours.

 Silver Money Plant

Famous for its variegation and beautiful foliage, the silver is also known as satin pothos. They grow well in indirect sunlight, which makes them best for growing indoors.

Big Leaf Money Plant

These plants have broad leaves and sturdy trunks. The best choice for you as a beginner is to grow a money plant with massive leaves.

Neon Money Plant

These money plants feature beautiful foliage that is noticeably different and distinctive. A neon or luminous look is provided by the vivid golden-yellow colour of Neon Money Plants.

Swiss Cheese Money Plant

The Swiss cheese money plant is another well-known indoor plant with large leaves. This climber can be grown both inside and outside of your home.

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