Sustainable Farming

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Sustainable agriculture refers to a holistic approach to farming and food production that seeks to balance environmental, social, and economic considerations.

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Img Credit:- Unsplash

Soil Health

It centers on enhancing soil health and diversity via techniques like crop rotation, cover crops, minimal tillage, and organic material.

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Encourages the use of diverse crop varieties and livestock breeds to increase resilience to pests, diseases, and changing environmental conditions.

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Water Management

Promotes efficient water use through techniques like drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting, and the reduction of water pollution from agricultural runoff.

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Integrates trees and other perennial plants with crops or livestock, providing multiple benefits such as improved soil health and increased biodiversity.

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Organic Farming

Avoids synthetic inputs like pesticides and fertilizers, instead relying on organic methods to enhance soil fertility and manage pests and diseases.

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