Broiler Chicken

 Primarily raised for meat production. Broiler chicken farming is currently on demand.

Revenue Generated- INR 80-100 per bird

Chicken Cost-INR 35-40 per chick

Kadaknath Chicken

Revenue Generated- INR 200-250 per bird

Chicken Cost-INR 100-120 per chick

It is known for its black meat, high protein content, and medicinal properties.

Revenue Generated- INR 150-300 per bird

Layers Chicken

A breed that is raised primarily for egg production. They are known for their high egg-laying capacity.

Chicken Cost-INR 30-60 per chick

Revenue Generated- INR 400-500 per bird


Chicken Cost-INR 200-250 per chick

Primarily raised for meat production. The meat is known for high protein content, low fat content, and delicious taste.

Revenue Generated- INR 150-200 per bird


Chicken Cost-INR 40-50 per chick

Primarily raised for meat and egg production. Duck meat is known for its tender texture, flavor, and high nutritional value.

Revenue Generated- INR 500-600 per bird


Chicken Cost-INR 400-450 per chick

A large bird raised primarily for its meat, oil, and leather. 

Revenue Generated- INR 200-250 per bird 

Guinea fowl

Chicken Cost-INR 80-100 per chick

 A bird that is raised for meat and egg production. Guinea fowl meat is known for its lean texture and rich flavor.

Revenue Generated- INR 35-40 per bird


Chicken Cost-INR 8-10 per chick

A small bird, raised primarily for egg production. Quail eggs are highly nutritious and are in high demand in the market.

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