PM-KISAN 16th Installment Announcement

Creator: Nitiesh Kumar

PM-KISAN aims to improve farmers' financial capabilities, ensuring increased income through optimal crop health and yields.


PM Modi will transfer the 16th installment of Rs 2,000 directly into farmers' bank accounts on Feb 28, 2024.

16th Installment Transfer

The digital platform for farmers under PM-Kisan eases liquidity constraints and streamlines registration and fund transfers.

PM-KISAN Advantage

The scheme prioritizes transparency and accessibility, streamlining fund transfers to farmers' bank accounts to minimize administrative costs.

Transparency and Accessibility

Farmers can verify their status easily on the PM-Kisan website by accessing 'Farmer Corner' and selecting 'Beneficiary Status.'

Checking Beneficiary Status

- Citizenship certificate
- Landholding papers
- Aadhaar card
- Bank account details

Required Documents

Accessible Support

Multiple channels, including email, helpline numbers, and an AI Chatbot, address farmer grievances effectively.

Eligibility and Exclusions

The scheme supports a broad range of agricultural stakeholders, with exclusions including institutional landholders and tax-paying families.

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