Meet Black Crop Champion from UP

Creator: Nitiesh Kumar

From Journalist to Farmer

Meet Ravi Prakash Maurya, a former journalist turned farmer from Uttar Pradesh. He champions 'black crops' like rice, wheat, tomatoes, and potatoes due to their rich antioxidants.

Transitioned from journalism to farming at 40, Maurya focuses on cultivating 'black potatoes' and other dark-hued veggies.

Since 2016, he's been promoting 'black crops' across 15 Indian states, starting from his village in Prayagraj.

Maurya's venture began after his father's passing, leading him back to farming and embracing 'black crops.'

Acquiring seeds from Rae Bareilly, he initiated black potato cultivation, locally known as 'Kaala Aaloo.'

Despite limited visibility in markets, Maurya's dedication led to orders from over 500 farmers nationwide.

Cultivating these unique veggies costs about Rs 6,000, yielding nearly 90 quintals per bigha.

Maurya doesn't stop at cultivation; he experiments with homemade potato chips and papad, showcasing the versatility of black potatoes.

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