Magical Plants In The Living World


CREATOR: Suneha Mishra

Lithops-Living Stone

This plant fits in with rocks to escape being eaten. This "rock" is  alive, with 2 leaves & a non-existent stem. In fall a sweet-smelling blossom emerges from the center fissure.

Yarrow-Achillea      Millefolium

Many herbalists refer to this as the "healer's healer. It is a blooming perennial plant used for centuries to reduce blood flow from both traumatic cuts and nosebleeds.

Dragon’s Blood Tree 

Discovered in an archipelago in Yemen, its sap caught the ancient world's mind and is still utilized today. It is used in the production of dye, breath freshener, and lipstick. 

Deadly Nightshade

This plant has a darker and more enigmatic reputation. It has been used in a variety of ways over time, including as a surgery anaesthetic or a poison used at the tip of arrows. 

Rainbow Eucalyptus

This beautiful tree grown in the Philippines and Indonesia has colorful bark, tall stature, & a pleasant fragrance, used to treat coughs, colds, bronchitis, & respiratory disorders.

Bleeding Tooth        Fungus

This magnificent fungal plant has blood-red droplets & white lumps with a slightly pink surface. It's an uncommon fungus species found mostly in arid & desert environments.

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