Guide to Lotus Farming 

Creator: Nitiesh Kumar

Conduct Market Research

Before starting lotus farming, it's important to research the market demand for lotus flowers and seeds in the local area and beyond.

 Choose Suitable Location

Lotus plants need warm, shallow water and plenty of sunlight to grow, so the farming location should have these conditions. A pond could be a suitable location.

Prepare The Pond

Clean the pond and remove any unwanted plants or debris. Ensure that the soil or substrate is suitable for lotus growth.

Obtain Lotus Seeds

Purchase lotus seeds from a reputable supplier. Make certain that the seeds are both fresh and viable.

Soak The Seeds

Soak the seeds in water for 48 hours before planting.

Plant The Seeds

Plant the seeds in the pond, ensuring that they are planted at the right depth and distance from each other.

Provide Nutrients

Add organic fertilizers to the pond to provide the necessary nutrients for the lotus plants to grow.

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