Life Cycle of Cotton


Creator: Nitiesh Kumar

Seedling Stage

Image: Unsplash The cotton life cycle starts with planting seeds in well-drained soil. The seeds germinate and grow, producing two cotyledons or the first leaves.

Vegetative Stage

During the vegetative stage, cotton grows quickly, producing true leaves, and developing a stronger stem with deeper roots. Image: Unsplash

Squaring Stage

In the squaring stage, small square-shaped buds covered in fine hairs appear at the tips of the cotton plant's branches. These buds eventually transform into flowers. Image: Unsplash

Flowering Stage

During flowering, cotton produces large white or yellow flowers with both male and female reproductive parts that are pollinated by insects.
Image: Unsplash

Boll Development Stage

After pollination, the flowers wilt, leaving a green boll that grows and changes colour to yellow or white. Cotton fibres mature inside the boll. Image: Unsplash

Harvesting Stage

Mature bolls split open to reveal fluffy white cotton fibres, which are harvested and processed into cotton products after separating them from the seeds. Image: Unsplash

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