Kaji Nemu
By - Priyanka Pramanik

What's Different In This Lemon ?

Kaji Nemu, known as "Assam Lemon", recently announced as official state fruit.It's a unique and celebrated variety of lemon indigenous to the Assam region in India.

Kaji Nemu

Geographical Indication (GI) Status

The tag describes it's unique identity and association with the Assam region. This status helps in protecting the name and quality, ensures only lemons produced in this  region can be marketed under the name "Kaji Nemu."

Unique Characteristics

It is known for its intense sourness and high Vitamin C content. It has a unique aroma and flavor.

Culinary Uses

Used in a variety of dishes, ranging from traditional fish curries to pickles and refreshing beverages. Its juice is often used as a natural preservative and flavor enhancer.

Health Benefits

Rich in Vitamin C, the lemon offers several health benefits, including boosting the immune system, aiding in digestion, and acting as an antioxidant.

Conservation Efforts

Efforts are being made to promote sustainable cultivation practices among local farmers. This includes adoption of organic farming methods to ensure the long-term  viability of the lemon production.

Tourism and Cultural Significance

The lemon holds a special place. Its harvest season is celebrated, and it also attracts tourists interested in exploring the region's agricultural heritage.

Research and Development

Agricultural universities and research institutions in Assam are engaged in studying Kaji Nemu to improve yield, disease resistance, and other agronomic traits. 

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