Innovative Farmers & Their Creation


 Individual's creativity in the farm field brings inventive solutions to streamline and enhance productivity in modern agricultural operations

Image Credit: Mens XP 

An ingenious farmer transforms an old motorcycle into a mini tractor, captivating viewers with innovative farming solutions.

Modified Motorcycle Mini Tractor

Image Credit: Youtube

Repurposing an oil can for a fan-like light spread, safeguarding groundnut and cotton crops from insects in a 'Desi Jugadu' approach

Desi Jugadu- Oil Can

Image Credit: Tractor News

The CNG Tractor

This innovation astounds with its sustainable, cost-effective alternative to traditional diesel tractors.

Image Credit: Tractor News

Tractor from Junk

A Bihar farmer gains local fame by constructing a functional tractor from recycled parts in a groundbreaking innovation.

Image Credit: Tractor News

Modified Tractor

A uniquely modified tractor designed to tackle obstacles effortlessly and turn heads wherever it operates.

Image Credit: Tractor News

The Taro- Harvester

A Manipur farmer receives a 'National Innovation Award' for his tractor-operated 'Taro Harvester' invention.

Image Credit: National Innovation Foundation

Mop- Operated Plough 

A farmer's resourceful technique shines as he attaches a plough to his son's moped, creating a 'Mop-Operated Plough' solution

Image Credit: Youtube


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