Indian Street Foods That Are Healthy

By - Suneha Mishra

While many street foods can be indulgent, several options are healthy and nutritious. Here are some Indian street foods that are generally considered healthy .

Soft, steamed rice cakes packed with protein, paired with a flavorful lentil-based vegetable stew. A classic South Indian breakfast for a nutritious start to the day.

Idli with SAMBAR

Street food gets a healthy makeover with sprouted beans, fresh fruits, yoghurt, and tangy tamarind chutney. A delicious and nutritious snack bursting with flavours.

Chaat with Sprouts and Fruits

Roasted or grilled corn seasoned with lime, salt, and chilli powder. A simple, satisfying snack packed with fibre and vitamins, perfect for on-the-go munching. 

Corn on the Cob (Bhutta)

Savory pancakes made from ground moong dal, stuffed with veggies, and served with  chutney. High in protein and fibre, a wholesome choice for any meal. 

Moong Dal Chilla

Light and fluffy steamed snack made from fermented rice and chickpea batter. Served with refreshing green chutney, it's a guilt-free indulgence from Gujarat.


Flattened rice cooked with spices, onions, and chillies, garnished with fresh coriander and lemon. A light yet satisfying snack rich in carbs and iron, perfect for any time of the day. 


Healthy Himalayan dumplings filled with veggies or lean meat.  A flavorful and nutritious snack that's light on calories but big on taste. 

Steamed Momos

Black chickpeas mixed with veggies and spices, topped with lemon juice. A protein-packed snack with a burst of flavors. 

Kala Chana Chaat

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