Flower That Blooms at Night

Creator: Nitiesh Kumar


Moonflower is a night-blooming morning glory that can add beauty and fragrance to a night garden. Native to North and South America.

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Evening Primrose

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Evening primrose blooms at night and has yellow, lemony flowers. It is also a medicinal plant with useful leaves, seeds and oil.


This flower, also called ‘Devil’s trumpet’, is often seen near roads or gardens. It is beautiful at night, but very toxic. Keep it away from kids or pets.

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Night Gladiolus

Night Gladiolus is a beautiful and fragrant flower that likes rain. It draws bees, butterflies and insects.

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Night Phlox is widely regarded as the night flower's queen. It fills the air with a sweet honey-like aroma and adds a splash of bright yellow hues to your space.

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Night Phlox

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