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Farmers' Protest-2024 

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The farmer protests in India, continuing from 2020, are gaining momentum with a 'Delhi Chalo' march on February 13.

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Farmers demand legislation for a minimum support price (MSP), expressing concerns about farm laws impacting their income.

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Farmers plan 'Delhi Chalo' march, demanding MSP, continuing the movement against farm laws from 2020.

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Protests cause traffic jams in Delhi-NCR as farmers attempt to march towards Parliament from Noida and Greater Noida villages.

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Dialogues held to address concerns, but tensions persist with a significant police presence to manage protests.

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Farmer protests become a significant movement, drawing attention to broader agricultural issues and farmer welfare.

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Movement transcends state boundaries, garnering support across regions and emphasizing agriculture's crucial role in India's economy.

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 Enhanced security at Punjab-Haryana border, toll plazas blocked, and reinforced security to manage protests and ensure public safety.

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Controversial measures like internet shutdowns and Section 144 orders spark debate on the right to protest and freedom of expression.

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Farmers Protest

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