Expensive Rice In The World

By: Priyanka Pramanik BY: Priyanka Pramanik
Japan Image Credit: Chef's Armoury


 Its is a premium short-grain rice. It is highly valued and often regarded as best rice varieties in the world.

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 Daawat Basmati

This Basmati rice is known for its long, slender grains and distinct aroma. 

Image Credit: Made In China

Tainong No. 71 Rice 


Its known as "Congee Rice". It is favored for its unique taste, texture, and fragrance.

Image Credit: Greedy Panda Foodie Blog

Thai Hom Mali


It's known as "Thai Jasmine Rice." It is highly prized for its delicate aroma and texture.

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 Saudi Arabia

Its a premium variety, known for its superior quality, distinct flavor.

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Its a premium Japanese short-grain rice, cultivated in limited quantities.

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It's primarily used for making paella. Known to absorb large amounts of liquid while retaining its shape.

Image Credit: Madmeat Genius

Carolina Gold

United States

Its a long-grain rice variety that was once widely grown in the southern United States.

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