Boost Rabi Crop Yields: Vital Farm Tools

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To maximize Rabi crop yields, employ effective farming techniques and suitable tools. The Rabi season (Nov-Apr) includes wheat, barley, mustard, and chickpeas.

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A tractor is the backbone of modern agriculture. It can be used for various tasks such as plowing, tilling, seeding, and transporting crops.

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Seed Drill

Seed drill is vital for precise Rabi crop planting, ensuring uniform seed distribution and proper depth for optimal germination and growth.


A rotavator, or rotary tiller, readies the soil by breaking it up and mixing, fostering weed control, soil aeration, and root growth—essential for healthy Rabi crops.


Different harrows (disc and tine) level soil, break clods, and bury crop residues, ensuring optimal conditions for Rabi crops.

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