Beginners Guide: Best Vegetable Plants To Grow On Your Terrace

Creator: Suneha Mishra


 Radish is a quick-growing & low-maintenance vegetable that germinates rapidly and produces edible roots within a short period of one to two months. 

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Onion Leeks

Onion leeks grow rapidly, require minimal maintenance, and also enhance the visual appeal of your garden.

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Bitter Gourd

This vegetable known for its medicinal properties and is highly recommended for home gardens. It is easy to cultivate and continues to yield fruits.

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Tomatoes are another uncomplicated vegetable to grow but with consistent watering & proper fertilization, you can expect an abundant harvest.

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Limes are widely used in Indian households for cooking, beauty remedies, & religious rituals. Having this in your garden is beneficial.

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Lady's Finger

This is an easy-to-grow vegetable that should be included in your plant list. Its simplicity in cultivation makes it best addition to your garden.

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Bottle Gourd

It is a rapid-growing climber requiring a trellis or support system. It gets harvest-ready in about 2 months & is ideal for frequent use in cooking.

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