Beautiful Flowers To Grow In April 

By - Suneha Mishra


Marigolds are hardy plants that thrive in warm weather. They come in vibrant colours of orange, yellow, and gold.


Hibiscus plants can produce large, colourful flowers that can be red, pink, orange, or yellow. They prefer sunny locations and well-drained soil.


Jasmine plants are famous for their fragrant white or yellow flowers. They prefer sunny to partial shade locations.


April is a good time to plant roses in India. They require at least 5-6 hours of sunlight daily and well-drained soil.


Zinnias are sun-loving plants and are easy to grow and can add a burst of colour to your garden with their bright and varied hues. 


Petunias are popular for their wide range of colours and their ability to bloom throughout the summer. 


Sunflowers need full sun and are not only known for their beauty but also have numerous health benefits.

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