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Water Lily

Known for its beautiful, large blooms. Require a lot of light, and nutrients, completely suitable for an aquarium.

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Red Tiger Lotus

They have large red leaves and produce beautiful pink or red blooms. The best choice to grow them in the aquarium.

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Water Hyacinth

Its a floating plant producing delicate purple flowers. It can grow very quickly and requires frequent trimming.

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It produces delicate, feathery foliage. It's a fast-growing plant and can add lot to aquarium.

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It's a hardy plant, that produces small, white flowers. Requires low light conditions. It's  a good choice for attaching to rocks.

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Water Sprite

It produces delicate, lace-like leaves and small white flowers. Requires low to medium light conditions.

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It's a slow-growing plant. Produces small, white flowers and requires low to medium light conditions. It can tolerate a range of water parameters.

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Dwarf Water Lily 

It's a smaller version of a water lily. Produces delicate white or yellow flowers. It requires bright light for good growth.

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