Animals That Are Visible Once a Year 

Creator: Nitiesh Kumar

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterflies migrate up to 3,000 miles from Canada and the United States to Mexico and California for annual overwintering.

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Christmas Island Red Crab

The Christmas Island crabs migrate annually from forests to the coast for breeding, turning the landscape red with millions of moving crabs.

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Salmon migrate from the ocean to their birthplace in freshwater rivers and streams to lay eggs after years of growth.

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The Serengeti's great migration is an iconic event where millions of wildebeest and other herbivores follow the rains, seeking fresh grazing pastures.


Fireflies, or lightning bugs, synchronize their bioluminescent flashes to create mesmerizing light shows in Southeast Asia and parts of the United States.

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Desert Locust

Desert locusts, a type of grasshopper, can form destructive swarms causing agricultural damage, but they are not an annual event.

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Periodical cicadas emerge en masse every 13 or 17 years, creating a remarkable spectacle with their buzzing calls and vast numbers.

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