ACE Ultra Track Harvester

Features & Specifications 2024


Action Construction Equipment (ACE) is recognized for its strong brand presence in agriculture offering a range of agri machinery including harvesters.

The ACE Ultra Harvester stands out for its efficiency, ease of maintenance, & ability to perform in different field conditions with minimal fuel consumption.

It is designed to harvest various crops like wheat, paddy, soybean, moong, mustard, maize, tur, gram, etc., ensuring min. grain loss & max. field cleanliness.

It's equipped with an 88 HP turbocharged engine and features a liquid-cooled cooling system. 

The grain tank can hold up to 1400 litres, & it has a fuel tank capacity of 160 litres, making it capable of operating for long periods without refuelling. 

> Gearbox Type: HST

> Transmission Type: 3-gear Range Shifts

> Engine Speed: 2400 r/min

Other Specifications : 

The ACE Ultra Combine Harvester is priced to be affordable for the average Indian farmer offering efficiency with cost-effectiveness. 

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