7 Real Cities That Are Completely Underwater!

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Beneath the glistening waters, submerged cities hold intriguing historical secrets. These sunken marvels beckon us on a voyage of discovery.

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Dwarka, India 

Dwarka, submerged under the Gulf of Cambay since its discovery in 1988, holds ancient structures and artifacts, with varying estimates of its age.

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While not fully submerged, it boasts partially sunken areas due to rising seas, offering historical remnants for divers to discover.

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Alexandria, Egypt

Heracleion an underwater city submerged off Egypt's Mediterranean coast, was a bustling trade hub and has resurfaced through archaeological discoveries.

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Heracleion, Egypt

Port Royal, Jamaica

During the 17th century, Port Royal was infamous as the "wickedest city on Earth." But in 1692, a devastating earthquake submerged it.

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Pavlopetri, Greece

Pavlopetri, a Bronze Age submerged city near Laconia, Greece, predates Sparta and offers perfectly preserved insights into ancient life.

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Atlit Yam, Israel

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Atlit Yam is another ancient submerged city that offers insights into prehistoric human settlements. Dating back over 9,000 years.

Shicheng, China

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Beneath the tranquil waters of Qiandao Lake in China lies a 1,300-year-old city called Shicheng, or "Lion City.

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