5 Low Maintenance Rose Varieties To Grow At Home

By - Suneha Mishra

Here's a compilation of rose varieties that are known for their ease of care, hardiness, and aesthetic appeal, perfect for Indian gardens

Hybrid Tea Roses

Known for their bushy growth and pointed floral arrangement, offering a wide range of colours and are great as cut flowers (e.g., Golden Splendor, Papa Meiland, Dil-ki-Rani, Nandini).

Miniature Roses

Small in size, these roses are versatile and look best in hanging pots and borders, blooming in captivating shades (e.g., Baby Love, Dazler, Beauty Scarlet, Lavander Jewel).


Desirable for their disease resistance and low maintenance, polyantha roses bloom from spring till fall in clusters of white, pink, and red (e.g., Rashmi, Pink Spray, Barani, Nartaki, Fairy Rose, Sneezy).

Floribunda Roses

Known for their dense clusters of large blossoms in various shades, growing up to 5-6 feet, best on hedges (e.g., Mahak, Golden, Prema, Sobhag, Chandrama, Nav Sadabahar, Suchitra, Kusum).

Landscape or Groundcover Roses

These roses are excellent space fillers in gardens due to their sprawling growth habit and year-round flowering in tropical climates (e.g., Avon, Flower Carpet Scarlet, Flower Carpet Coral).


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