10 Facts Why
'Good Friday is a Good Day to Plant'

By - Suneha Mishra


As we celebrate Good Friday today, a special day for many, let's explore the seven reasons why planting on this day is believed to be beneficial

Historical Traditions

Across cultures, Good Friday holds a tradition of planting seeds, symbolizing renewal and new life associated with Easter.

Spring Timing

Occurring during spring, Good Friday benefits from mild weather and warming soil, providing an optimal environment for seed germination.

Moisture Levels

Spring brings increased rainfall, ensuring adequate moisture for newly planted seeds and seedlings, aiding in root development.

Longer Daylight Hours

Post-spring equinox, Good Friday witnesses longer daylight hours, enabling plants to maximize photosynthesis and growth.

Moon Phases and Planting

Good Friday may align with favourable moon phases, such as the new moon or first quarter, considered auspicious for planting crops.

Symbolic Significance

Planting on Good Friday symbolizes themes of rebirth and renewal, adding depth and meaning to the gardening experience.

Community and Family Time

Holidays like Good Friday allow for shared planting activities among families and communities, fostering a sense of togetherness.