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VST Tractor Sales Report for September 2022: 2070 Power Tillers and 586 Tractors Sold

VST Tractor Sales Report for September 2022: 2070 Power Tillers and 586 Tractors Sold

Sales of Domestic Tractors

VST tillers and tractors sales data was released on October 1, 2022. In September 2022, the company sold 586 tractors, while in September 2021, the company sold 777 tractors. As a result, VST Tillers & Tractor sales data is down 24.58%. In addition, VST power tiller sales were 2070 units in September 2022, compared to 2441 units in September 2021, a 15.19% decrease. Check out the sales figures for tillers and tractors in September 2022 below.



September 2022

September 2021

% change

Power Tiller









VST Tillers and Tractor also released the Tillers & Tractor Sales Report 2022, which covers the entire year. VST saw a 17.09% increase in power tiller sales in 2022, with 17980 units sold to date, compared to 15355 units sold in 2021. Furthermore, tractor year-to-date sales in 2022 were 3375 units compared to 4373 units in the same period in 2021, representing a 22.82% loss.

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Sales of VST Tillers Tractors in India 2022 - Year to Date Summary




% change

Power Tiller








: Please keep in mind that the figures provided above have not been audited. As a result, the audited figures may differ.


About VST Tillers & Tractors

VST Tractors manufactures not only tractors but also tillers. A tiller is a piece of agricultural machinery used for land preparation. Tillers are smaller than tractors and must be operated externally by a person. Tillers are a more cost-effective alternative to tractors for farmers.

Power tillers, tractors, rice transplanters, power reapers, rotary tillers, VST grow tech solutions, and power weeders are among the agricultural machinery available from VST.

VST tractors are manufactured in three plants located in two states: Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The plant in Mysuru, Karnataka produces auto components, while the plant in Malur, Karnataka produces power tilers. The plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, on the other hand, manufactures VST tractors.

VST tractors' increasing popularity and demand define the quality and engineering of their products. The products are exported to major African, European, and Asian markets. In India, the company has a nearly 1% market share.


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