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Tractor Subsidy- Find Out Which Farmers Will Benefit And What The Conditions Are

Tractor Subsidy: Find Out Which Farmers Will Benefit And What The Conditions Are.

Apply now to get the tractor and other equipment including a power tiller on subsidy

The government is promoting modern agricultural machines to help farmers with their agricultural work. Farming work can be completed in less time with the assistance of these machines. At the same time, the use of these machines lowers crop costs while increasing output. Given the utility of agricultural machinery, the government offers farmers a subsidy on the purchase of agricultural machinery. Different states distribute these subsidies according to their own rules.

What agricultural machines will be subsidized?

On behalf of the Department of Horticulture and Food Processing of Madhya Pradesh, applications have been sought from the farmers of the state for the machines used for horticulture works, they are as follows-

  • Less than 20 horsepower tractor or power tiller-driven equipment
  • plastic mulching machinery
  • Applications have been invited for a grant on mechanically operated knapsack sprayer/electrically operated sprayer-(capacity 16 liters) etc.

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How much will be subsidized for tractors, power tillers, and other agricultural machinery?

Subsidy (grant) benefits are provided to Madhya Pradesh farmers on agricultural implements useful for horticulture under the Agricultural Mechanization component of the Integrated Horticulture Development Mission (MIDH) scheme. Under the scheme tractor 20 HP. Farmers in the general category receive a subsidy of 25% of the unit cost, up to a maximum of Rs 75,000. Whereas small, marginal, women, scheduled caste, and scheduled tribe farmers are given 35 percent of the unit cost, up to a maximum of Rs 1 lakh, per machine.

Where Can I Apply For A Subsidized Tractor, Power Tiller, Or Other Farm Equipment?

To take advantage of the scheme, eligible farmers in the state can apply online at the Madhya Pradesh Horticulture and Food Processing Department's website. To apply for this, go to Horticulture Department Madhya Pradesh Farmers Subsidy Tracking System At the same time, farmers can get more information about this scheme by visiting the Horticulture Department's website or contacting the Block / District Horticulture Department.

Documents Required To Apply For A Tractor/Power Tiller And Other Subsidy-Eligible Equipment

  • The farmer's Aadhar card is being applied for.
  • Photograph of the applicant farmer in passport size
  • It contains farmer's field notes. Khasra number / B-1 / lease copy
  • Copy of bank passbook for bank information
  • Farmer's caste certificate, for example.

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