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Top 10 Tamil Nadu Agriculture Budget Highlights 2024: What’s New for Farmers?

Tamil Nadu's Agriculture Budget for 2024-25 was unveiled by Minister M R K Panneerselvam. The budget prioritizes farmers, featuring initiatives like support for Agri-tech startups and empowering agri-entrepreneurs.

Top 10 Tamil Nadu Agriculture Budget Highlights 2024: What’s New for Farmers?
Top 10 Tamil Nadu Agriculture Budget Highlights 2024: What’s New for Farmers?

Recently, the Agriculture Budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 was unveiled by M R K Panneerselvam, the Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare in Tamil Nadu. During the presentation, the minister elaborated on the diverse welfare measures implemented by the M K Stalin-led government aimed at transforming the agricultural sector into a financially rewarding trajectory for agriculture.

The minister highlighted the noteworthy decision to rename the Department of Agriculture as the Agriculture – Farmers Welfare Department, highlighting the government's dedication to prioritizing the well-being of farmers. Notably, a substantial allocation of Rs 42,281.8784 crore has been designated for the financial year 2024-25 across various demands about Agriculture and associated departments.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural Budget Highlights 2024

Support for Agri-tech Startups:

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural Budget 2024 emphasizes identifying and subsidizing Agri-tech startups based on their goals, sustainability, and business plans. A dedicated amount of Rs 10 crore from the state fund will boost the growth of Agri-tech startups.

Empowering Agri-Entrepreneurs:

This initiative aims to nurture agri-entrepreneurs and startups, transforming young graduates into 'Agri-entrepreneurs.' In the fiscal year 2024-2025, substantial assistance, capped at Rs one lakh, will be extended to 100 graduates establishing agri-based businesses by securing bank loans.

Food Subsidy and Paddy Procurement:

 A substantial allocation of Rs 10,500 crore ensures food security through food subsidies. An additional Rs 500 crore is allocated as an incentive for the Tamil Nadu government's paddy procurement efforts.

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Co-operative Crop Loan:

The budget highlights the commendable disbursement of an 'unprecedented' crop loan amounting to Rs 13,442 crore to 17.44 lakh farmers in 2022-2023. For the current fiscal year (2023-24), Rs 13,600 crore has been disbursed to 16.19 lakh farmers, with a targeted disbursement of Rs 16,500 crore for the fiscal year 2024-2025.

'One Village, One Crop' Scheme:

 A transformative 'One Village, One Crop' scheme is slated to launch, with a focus on enhancing agricultural production through comprehensive measures such as land preparation, seed treatment, and integrated nutrient management.

Input Subsidy for Crop Damage:

The budget addresses the aftermath of crop damage due to excessive rains and cyclone Mandous, disbursing an input subsidy of approximately Rs 380.40 crore to 4.50 lakh affected farmers.  Orders have been issued to provide input subsidy, totaling Rs 118.77 crore, to 1.85 lakh farmers for yield losses, with an additional disbursement of Rs 208.20 crore soon to 2.74 lakh farmers affected by natural disasters in southern districts.

Research for Precision Spraying:

Under Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, excellent research will be conducted to develop a protocol for precision spraying of agricultural inputs using drones, particularly for horticultural crops.

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Remote for Farm Pumps:

Addressing challenges faced during the operation of electric pump sets, remote motor operators will be distributed to 10,000 farmers. This initiative aims to mitigate issues such as snakebites during night operations or in the rainy season.

Research on Rice Varieties:

Research activities will focus on enhancing traditional rice varieties, emphasizing low glycemic index and high nutritional value. Additionally, efforts will be directed toward developing rice varieties suitable for direct seeding through rapid breeding techniques.

Geographical Indication Tags for Agricultural Products:

 This involves obtaining Geographical Indication tags for 10 agricultural products, including Sathayamangalam Red Banana, Kolli Hills Pepper, Meenambur Seeraga Samba, and others, showcasing the unique agricultural identity of these regions.

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