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Small and marginal farmers can now receive up to 90% subsidy on agricultural machinery.

Agricultural Machinery: Subsidy on Rotavator and other agricultural machines, government released beneficiary list

The Central Government is running the ‘Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme’ (Krishi Yantra Subsidy Yojana) to improve agricultural modernization. Under this scheme many ambitious schemes are in operation, such as NABARD loans, Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, National Food Security Mission, and Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization, which will provide grants for agricultural implements used in all agricultural work in India, such as plowing, sowing, irrigation, harvesting, threshing, and storage.

Farmers are eligible for subsidies ranging from 25 to 90 percent when purchasing agricultural machinery under these programmes. Farmers can easily afford and use these agricultural machines. Farmers will benefit from the Central Government's scheme, which is being implemented by the governments of all states. The Madhya Pradesh government has launched this scheme to provide subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery to the state's small and marginal farmers. The government provides the farmer with the benefit of the prescribed subsidy under this scheme. The government periodically solicits applications from farmers for this purpose.

See Who can Get the Benefit Of Subsidy

Let us tell you that the Madhya Pradesh government offers farmers in the state a 40 to 50 percent discount on agricultural machines through the Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme. Small and marginal farmers, as well as scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and women farmers, are eligible for grants on these agricultural machines under the scheme. According to the scheme's rules, scheduled, tribal, and women farmers receive 50% of the subsidy, while general category farmers receive 40%. The state government occasionally solicits applications from farmers for these agricultural machines.

Applications were sought from farmers for the remaining target of agricultural machines

The state government issued different targets for different types of agricultural machines for different districts under the Krishi Machinery Subsidy Scheme. The MP Government's target for the Krishi Yantra Yojana could not be met in the previous fiscal year. The state government had sought applications from farmers once more for the remaining target. From May 25 to June 6, 2022, different categories of farmers may apply.

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During this time, farmers were chosen through a lottery from among those who applied. This list is available to farmers through the e-Krishi Yantra portal. The farmer can see information about the subsidy amount on the e-Krishi portal based on the cost price of agricultural machinery in this scheme.

The scheme will provide subsidies for these agricultural machines.

Applications from the Department of Agricultural Engineering were invited under the Krishi Yantra Yojna for various types of agricultural machinery such as rotavator, reversible plow/mechanical/hydraulic seed drill, seed cum fertilizer drill, and so on. Farmers in the state who have applied for them can visit the agricultural machinery office to find out more about their application. The Department of Agricultural Engineering has released the list of recipients after conducting a lottery. This computerized lottery was drawn based on different districts and farmer categories.

Changes made in the process of giving subsidies on agricultural machinery

  • The Department of Agricultural Engineering has made changes to the process for payment of grants given to farmers under the grant scheme, so farmers who got selected through the lottery should follow the instructions below.
  • The department will issue purchase approval to the farmers under the scheme after a lottery selection. The farmer will be notified separately if any additional documentation is required for purchase approval.
  • If a draught of earnest money is required for any instrument, it must also be presented in the office.
  • After receiving purchase approval, the farmer must negotiate the price of the desired model with the dealer of his choice to obtain the final rate. Along with the application printout, you will receive a list of dealers.
  • On the portal, each farmer will have to log in under the farmer login and select the model to be purchased, as well as the manufacturer and the concerned dealer, and the purchase rate will be fixed after negotiation.
  • The Kisan Login dealer selected by the farmers will open his case here, and further purchase action will be taken.
  • Narsinghpur district has been chosen by the government for grant payment via e-rupee voucher, so after completing actions 1–4 above, separate instructions will be issued for Narsinghpur district for further action.
  • Other districts, except Narsinghpur, will continue to operate under the previous agreement.

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