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Mankind Agritech and ITC Join Forces to Transform Indian Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

Mankind Agritech Pvt. Ltd, a Mankind Pharma Group company, joins forces with ITC Limited's Agri-Business Division to boost Indian agriculture through technology-driven sustainable solutions.

Mankind Agritech and ITC Join Forces to Transform Indian Agriculture for a Sustainable Future
Mankind Agritech and ITC Join Forces to Transform Indian Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

Mankind Agritech Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Mankind Pharma Group, has entered into a strategic partnership with ITC Limited's Agri-Business Division to revolutionize agriculture in India. This collaboration will closely integrate with ITC's MAARS initiative, a groundbreaking "phygital" ecosystem that combines physical and digital solutions to empower farmers.

ITCMAARS, part of the MAARS initiative, offers a wide range of crop-agnostic hyperlocal services, enabling farmers to increase their incomes and adopt environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. This partnership marks a significant step forward in the agritech market, providing farmers with a comprehensive and effective suite of agricultural solutions to enhance their productivity and profitability.

The central objective of this strategic partnership is to empower farmers across India by increasing productivity, cost reduction, and risk mitigation through the adoption of Mankind's advanced agricultural technologies. This collaborative effort is set to elevate the Indian agricultural sector, capitalizing on Mankind's extensive experience in agricultural inputs. Additionally, it will stimulate demand-driven value chains and digitally enable farmers to embrace climate-smart agricultural practices.

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Partha Sengupta, President of Mankind Agritech, expressed pride and enthusiasm about this strategic partnership with ITC Limited, a pioneering conglomerate in the field of farmer empowerment.

He said that the initiative aims to bridge the gap between the Indian farming community and their advisory needs regarding sustainable agricultural input solutions that also address environmental concerns. Mankind Agritech will offer a range of advanced crop care solutions, including weedicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, and biologicals, to help Indian agriculturists maximize their yields while ensuring affordability.

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Rajnikant Rai, the Divisional Chief Executive of ITC's Agri Business Division, has shed light on the 'Phygital' model embraced by ITCMAARS. This innovative approach seamlessly blends physical engagement on the field with Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) as a central focal point, increasing the potential of digital technologies through a powerful super app.

He further added that ITCMAARS also simplifies the delivery of high-quality agricultural inputs directly to farmers in rural villages by collaborating with leading input companies. Moreover, the platform actively nurtures an ecosystem to support emerging AgTech startups, enabling them to scale their solutions and contribute to the agricultural transformation.

One of the most ambitious aspects of ITCMAARS is its goal of empowering an astounding 10 million Indian farmers through the engagement of 4,000 FPOs by the year 2030. This vision signifies ITC's commitment to revolutionizing agriculture in India by bridging the gap between traditional farming practices and cutting-edge technology. Through this approach, ITC aims to drive sustainable growth and prosperity for millions of farmers across the country.

Rai emphasized that the partnership between Mankind Agritech and ITC is a significant move towards ITC's vision of transforming Next-Generation Agriculture and ensuring that Indian farmers have access to top-notch sustainable agricultural input solutions at their doorstep.

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