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Mahindra Tractors Celebrates Selling 40 Lakh Tractor Units and 60 Years of Farming Excellence

Over 60 years, Mahindra Tractors has expanded its offerings to include more than 390 tractor models and established a robust network of over 1200 dealer partners across India.

Mahindra Tractors Celebrates Selling 40 Lakh Tractor Units
Mahindra Tractors Celebrates Selling 40 Lakh Tractor Units

Mahindra Tractors, a prominent division of the Mahindra Group and the world’s largest tractor manufacturer, has reached a significant milestone by selling its 40th lakh tractor unit, inclusive of exports, in March 2024. This achievement underscores Mahindra's longstanding leadership in India's domestic tractor market, spanning over six decades. To commemorate this accomplishment, Mahindra Tractors has launched a special campaign expressing gratitude to its valued customers.

The 40th lakh tractor, known as the Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus, is based on Mahindra’s advanced Yuvo tractor platform and was manufactured at Mahindra’s Zaheerabad facility. Established as Mahindra’s youngest tractor production hub and a global manufacturing centre, the Zaheerabad facility signifies Mahindra’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Mahindra Tractors traces its journey back to 1963 when it rolled out its first tractor in collaboration with International Harvester Inc. Since then, it has achieved remarkable milestones, surpassing the 1-million-unit mark in 2004, claiming the title of the world’s highest-selling farm tractor manufacturer by volume in 2009, and hitting the 2-million-unit mark in 2013. Notably, in the fiscal year 2024, Mahindra Tractors achieved the sale of its 40th lakh tractor, with robust sales exceeding 2 lakh units.

Hemant Sikka, President of the Farm Equipment Sector at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., expressed pride in reaching this milestone, emphasizing Mahindra's commitment to transforming farming and enriching lives. He extended heartfelt gratitude to the farmers, partners, and teams who have been instrumental in Mahindra's journey.

Vikram Wagh, Chief Executive Officer of Mahindra Tractors, hailed the milestone as a testament to customer trust and the brand’s deep understanding of Indian farming needs. He pledged to continue meeting customer requirements with a wide range of tractor models, incorporating global-first technologies and unmatched reliability.

Over 60 years, Mahindra Tractors has expanded its offerings to include more than 390 tractor models and established a robust network of over 1200 dealer partners across India. This customer-centric approach has enabled Mahindra to provide unparalleled sales, service, and spares support to its ever-growing base of 40 lakh customers.

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In appreciation of its customers, Mahindra Tractors launched a new Digital Video Commercial (DVC) titled ‘40 lakh happy customers and 60 years of brand trust,’ along with special offers on products and services nationwide. The campaign, centered around the color red symbolizing prosperity and synonymous with Mahindra Tractors, aims to celebrate the enduring trust placed in the brand by its customers.

With a global presence spanning over 50 countries across six continents, Mahindra Tractors is making strides in international markets. The United States stands as its largest market outside India. Recently, Mahindra unveiled its Global Lightweight tractor platform, the OJA, developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi Mahindra Agriculture Machinery, Japan. The company commenced sales of the OJA in the U.S., marking its debut in ASEAN markets, starting with Thailand in 2024 and expanding to Europe in 2025.

Mahindra Tractors, known for its reliability and exceptional performance in diverse farming conditions, is committed to driving positive change in the lives of communities worldwide. With its strong focus on research, development, and sustainable manufacturing practices, Mahindra continues to lead the way in the global tractor market.

Founded in 1945, the Mahindra Group is a multinational federation of companies with a presence in over 100 countries. It holds leadership positions in various sectors, including farm equipment, utility vehicles, information technology, and financial services, with a clear focus on driving positive change and enabling communities to rise.

Mahindra Tractors’ milestone of selling 40 lakh tractor units reflects its enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to empowering farmers and enhancing agricultural productivity worldwide.

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