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In July 2022, Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Were Down 22.3 Percent.

In July 2022, Escorts Kubota tractor sales were down 22.3 percent.

Kubota Sold 5360 Units in Both the Domestic and Export Markets.

The tractor industry has not had a particularly happy month in July 2022. Escorts Kubota, the world's largest tractor manufacturer, reported a 22.3 percent drop in domestic sales. At the same time, exports increased by 28.9 percent.

Kubota Tractor: The tractor that sells the least in the domestic and export markets.

Kubota sold 18.3 percent fewer tractors in the domestic and export markets in July 2022. In July 2022, the company sold a total of 5360 tractors. In the same period last year, 6564 tractors were sold. Escorts Kubota, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, disclosed this information in a regulatory filing. In terms of the total number of tractors sold by Escorts Kubota in the domestic and export markets, the company sold 4704 tractors in the domestic market in July 2022.

6055 tractors were sold in the same period last year. As a result, the company's domestic sales have decreased by 22.3 percent. In terms of the export market, the company sold 656 tractors in July 2022, up from 509 tractors sold in the same period last year. Though the exports of Tractors have increased by 29.9 percent as a result.

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Total sales down by 1.1 percent so far

Escorts Kubota tractor sales in the financial year 2022-23 during the period from April to July have decreased by 1.1 percent as compared to the previous financial year. From April to July of the previous fiscal year, the company sold 32 thousand 499 tractors in the domestic and export markets, compared to 32 thousand 157 tractors in the same period this year. The company has experienced a drop in the domestic market. The company sold 4.1 percent lesser tractors in the domestic market while selling 46.3 percent more tractors in the export market.

In the construction equipment segment, 302 units were sold.

Escorts Kubota's construction equipment sales have also decreased. Escorts Kubota Limited's construction equipment segment sold 302 units in July 2022, compared to 367 units in July 2021. According to Escorts Kubota Ltd's regulatory filing, total agriculture equipment sales for July were 302 units, a 17.7 percent decrease from 367 units sold in July 2021. Escorts Group is an Indian engineering firm that specializes in agricultural machinery, construction and material handling equipment, and railway equipment.

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