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Himachal Pradesh: CM Plans to Merge Traditional Farming with Modern Technology

Himachal Pradesh charts a transformative course in agriculture as Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu pioneers an initiative to merge traditional farming with modern technologies, aiming to empower farmers and enhance rural economies.

Himachal Pradesh: CM Plans to Merge Traditional Farming with Modern Technology
Himachal Pradesh: CM Plans to Merge Traditional Farming with Modern Technology

Himachal Pradesh is taking a bold step towards transitioning its agricultural sector. Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, in a landmark meeting with milk producers, announced a strategic initiative to merge traditional farming with cutting-edge technologies. This innovative approach targets to empower farmers, boost rural economies, and create a sustainable future for agriculture.

Recognizing the pivotal role of agriculture and milk production in boosting the rural economy, the Chief Minister also announced the development of innovative schemes in the upcoming budget. These initiatives aim to significantly boost farmers' income within the next two years. The government is also promoting natural and organic farming, recognizing its benefits for both environmental and economic sustainability. 


Advanced technologies like precision agriculture and data-driven farming will be seamlessly integrated with time-tested practices, leveraging the best of both worlds. Increased milk purchase prices, a Rs 500 crore Him Ganga Yojana, and a new processing plant in Kangra district signify the government's commitment to supporting dairy farmers.


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Under the second phase of the Rajiv Gandhi Self-Employment Startup Scheme, Unutilized land will be revitalized with solar power installations, generating income and contributing to clean energy goals. This initiative holds immense potential as it can increase productivity. Robust marketing infrastructure and value-added products can fetch farmers better prices for their produce. Organic farming practices and efficient water management will lessen environmental impact and promote eco-friendly agriculture. It will also empower farmers with knowledge, technology, and market access that will ensure long-term prosperity and stability in rural communities.


Sukhu further shared that substantial changes in policies and rules were underway to ensure direct financial benefits for farmers. The government is also contemplating tax concessions for milk producers, further supporting their economic viability.


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Chief Minister Sukhu also engaged in an open dialogue with farmers, assuring them that their suggestions would be incorporated into the policy framework. The Chief Minister also toured an exhibition organized by MILKFED, actively interacting with farmers. This visionary approach is set to redefine agriculture in Himachal Pradesh.


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