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Farmers Stage Protest on Delhi-Noida Border, Get Assurance of High- Powered Committee From the Govt

Farmers from 140 villages protested at the Delhi-Noida border, demanding fair land compensation. Negotiations led to the formation of a high-powered committee, offering hope, as farmers seek resolution and future talks with development authorities.

Farmers Stage Protest on Delhi-Noida Border, Get Assurance of High- Powered Committee From the Govt
Farmers Stage Protest on Delhi-Noida Border, Get Assurance of High- Powered Committee From the Govt

Over a hundred farmers from 140 villages in Noida and Greater Noida staged a protest on the Delhi-Noida border recently, demanding better compensation for their land acquired by the government for development projects. The farmers, under the banner of three farmer organizations, marched towards the Parliament but were stopped by the police at Dalit Prerana Sthal.

Following negotiations with police and Gautam Budha Nagar administration representatives, the protest was called off after six hours. While farmers agreed to continue their demonstrations at their respective locations, they secured some key assurances from the authorities.

The key outcome of the protest was the formation of a high-powered committee tasked with addressing the farmers' concerns regarding compensation and land allocation, said Sukhbir Khalifa of Bharatiya Kisan Parishad, one of the organizations leading the protest. The other organizations were Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Sangathan and Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha.

This committee, comprising an MP, an MLA, CEOs of the Noida, Greater Noida, and Yamuna Authorities, the NTPC CMD, and the Industrial Development Minister, will hold detailed discussions on the issues raised by the farmers.

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However, farmers expressed dissatisfaction with their meeting with the police commissioner, saying it remained inconclusive and offered no concrete solutions. They remain hopeful that further meetings with the CEOs of the development authorities will yield positive results. The protest caused significant traffic disruptions in the city, particularly on roads leading to Delhi, due to police barricades set up at all border crossings.

Several farmers recounted their struggles related to land acquisition. Subodh Yadav, whose land was acquired by the Greater Noida Authority in 2013, expressed dissatisfaction with the compensation received and highlighted the difficulties he faced in obtaining additional compensation even after years of legal battles. Similarly, Surender Kasana shared his family's experience with land acquisition by the Noida Authority in 2007 and their continuing fight for adequate compensation and land allocation.

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The Noida Authority acknowledged that the farmers' demands had been discussed in previous meetings and forwarded to the government. They confirmed that proposals concerning the farmers' two major demands – 10% developed plot and additional compensation – had been sent to the Uttar Pradesh government for a final decision.

The formation of a high-powered committee offers a glimmer of hope, but it remains to be seen whether it will effectively address the concerns of the farmers and translate into concrete solutions.

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