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Coromandel Delivers Women Farmers With 200 Drones Under 'Namo Drone Didi' Scheme

Coromandel International delivers 200 drones to women in Self Help Groups (SHGs) as part of the "Namo Drone Didi" scheme. The initiative supports income growth and enhances precision farming.

Coromandel Delivers Women Farmers with 200 Drones Under 'Namo Drone Didi' Scheme
Coromandel Delivers Women Farmers with 200 Drones Under 'Namo Drone Didi' Scheme

As part of the Indian government's "Namo Drone Didi" scheme, Coromandel International, a leading provider of agricultural solutions, has delivered 200 drones to women's Self Help Groups (SHGs). This initiative targets women farmers to increase their income and empower them in the agriculture sector.

The drones were distributed during an event organized by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually handed over a total of 1,000 drones, including those provided by Coromandel, to SHG members across 11 locations in India.

These drones, manufactured by Coromandel's subsidiary Dhaksha Unmanned Systems, are equipped with advanced features to assist farmers. They come with built-in safety measures like anti-collision sensors and an automatic return-to-launch function. Additionally, the high-quality nozzles enable efficient spraying, covering up to 30 acres of land per day. These advanced features will help to bring more accuracy and provide precise information for the farms.

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The "Namo Drone Didi" scheme focuses on empowering rural women by providing them with drone piloting training and integrating them into the local agricultural supply chain. The government also aims to equip 15,000 women-led SHGs with these drones for tasks like crop monitoring, applying crop protection chemicals, and spraying fertilizers.

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Coromandel International recognizes the importance of this initiative. The company, beyond supplying the drones, will also offer technical support to the SHG members. This ensures they can effectively utilize the technology and maximize its benefits. Arun Alagappan, the executive vice-chairman of Coromandel, emphasized the company's dedication to supporting the government's vision.

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